Game Developers: Some general questions about high scores, achievements, multi player support and in game ads.

by Jason Proctor » Thu, 18 Mar 2010 05:05:52 GMT

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 i'm in complete agreement. Rails has a lot of good ideas and is very 
quick to get started, but Ruby is a disaster of a language IMHO.

the Groovy/Grails thing almost gets there, but then they had to go 
and make a new Ruby-like language, sigh.

however, if you adopt RESTful URLs and JSON, then that effectively 
isolates your server technology, allowing you to switch from a 
prototype environment to a production one without any change to the 

Hi all, Robert, I think we spoke on another thread a while back.. forget now. I am a JEE guy, tried RoR, couldn't stand the language syntax and how slow, for most things it was. I know I know.. RoR is often cited by java developers as being much faster to build apps with, etc. I just don't find it to be true, for me. The language reminds me too much of perl and I never liked that. Java, C, OO Pascal, even Basic, just seems to make more sense as a language structurally. I've also tried OBjective-C and find it to be much harder to work with than C/C++. I don't know why.. I just can't remember all the little nuances of the language, like the hyphen on lines, etc. On Wed, Mar 17, 2010 at 11:33 AM, Justin Giles And an off topic question.. I see more and more people talking about getting a free phone from google? Is there some place you sign up to get this? I'd love to get a Nexus One to test on... sounds like some people are getting just that.. a free phone to test on? Please see the following thread: <

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1. LooperThread

Can anyone tell me the proper way to terminate a LooperThread? 

Below is the code from the Developer site, but it seems all the methods for
stopping it have been deprecated. 

class LooperThread extends Thread {
      public Handler mHandler;
      public void run() {
          mHandler = new Handler() {
              public void handleMessage(Message msg) {
                  // process incoming messages here

I'm using this in a Service, which creates a main Thread, and the main
thread checks to see if I need to update my server with GPS coordinates. If
I do need to send the GPS info, I create a looper thread using the base code
above, and join to it for a maximum of 60 seconds. 

I am able to register to receive the GPS information, and set a
LocationListener inside the Looper Thread, and receive the GPS information.
When I get the onStatusChanged event with a status of 2 (Available), I want
to stop/terminate the looperThread, so that I can continue on with the main
thread, but I don't see any methods left that allow me to terminate it
properly. The join times out, and the main thread continues, but the
LooperThread never disappears. 

Should I be using another method with SDK 1.5.r2 ? 


Brad Gies

Brad Gies
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Southfield, MI, USA

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2. Is referencing resources across resource files dependent on the filename?


This happens because files are processed in the order of the
filesystem, probably alphabetically in this case:


By the time main.xml is processed, zlayout2 hasn't been, and the id
does not exist. But that does not matter since you can simply use
@+id/layout2 in both main.xml and zlayout2.xml. You could also declare
your id in res/values instead.

Romain Guy
Android framework engineer

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to provide private support.  All such questions should be posted on
public forums, where I and others can see and answer them


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