Android apps on Symbian phones

by d...@rk.lord » Thu, 03 Sep 2009 02:04:31 GMT

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 If android apps have compatibility issue running on a Symbian
mobile,is there no api that ports it?


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1. Trackball / d-pad navigation and Tabbed activities

Hi all

When creating a tabbed display using TabHost & TabWidget, one of the
options for specifying the tab content is
TabHost.TabSpec.setContent(Intent intent), which causes an activity to
be launched as the tab content.  This works fine except for one
problem.  I can't seem to use the trackball / d-pad to change focus
from a field within the tab content (running as an embedded activity)
to a field in the parent activity that is positioned below the tab
content doesn't work.  The trackball / d-pad can be used to navigate
to a field ABOVE the tab content, but not below.

This problem disappears if the tab content is specified using
TabHost.TabSpec.setContent(int viewId) instead of setContent(Intent

Does anyone know how to solve the above navigation issue for tabs that
use embedded activities?

Thanks in advance ...


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Is there a way to make sure onSurfaceCreated is called only once
during startup.

Currently in my app it gets called once with say 800x480 then it gets
called a second time with 480x800. I guess this is probably due to a
call to setRequestedOrientation in onCreate. Is there any way to make
sure the app starts in a particular orientation, to prevent
orientation changes, and to have onSurfaceCreated get called only once
during start up?



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