by Muh Fitrah » Fri, 09 Apr 2010 21:58:23 GMT

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 Ada yg pernah instal apk flyscreen
Apk nya mantap bgt..heee
Coba n rasakan,xixixi

*mudah2an ga repost,xixi

      Muh. Fitrah
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1. Extending Drawable Class


I'm fairly new to Android development, and having a couple of
questions concerning extending the Drawable class. I see that the draw
method has an abstract modifier. However, while looking at the Lunar
Lander example code, I noticed that several of the images being drawn
to the screen are of the Drawable type. How is this possible, since
the draw method is abstract?

Also, I tried extending the Drawable class into a Sprite class to
handle some additional properties and methods I need for a video game,
but I get a runtime ClassCastException error whenever I try to get a
Drawable resource from my Resources and cast it as a Sprite, like so:

private Sprite mSpriteImage;
mSpriteImage = (Sprite) context.getResources().getDrawable

How would I go about making this work?



2. Refreshing a specific list-item in ListView

Hey folks,

Simple situation:
- ListActivity with an adapter that inflates a small view for each
list item.

Part of each list-item is an ImageView that might need to be populated
by a thumbnail that is pulled across the network (and then
subsequently cached). I intend to do the fetching in a separate
AsyncTask and to cache a reference to the specific ImageView to be
populated within the AsyncTask. This didn't seem to work (images got
added into the wrong list-items). I suspect it's because I'm reusing
the "convertView" Views that are passed into getView() on my adapter,
and by the time the thumb is downloaded, the ImageView reference I've
cached is now in re-use by a different list-item (can someone

The alternative would be to have a notification mechanism for a
specific *position* in a list, but there doesn't seem to be a way of
notifying a specific list-item to update itself. Searching for
[refresh specific list item] brings up this bug:, but I don't
know if there's been any progress on that.

Any ideas? Let me know if there's any other information I should



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