trying to download latest, but the downloaded doc reports it's not the latest

by Curtis. » Wed, 12 Aug 2009 01:35:46 GMT

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 Hi all,

excuse the doutbless newbie question .. but a quick scan of the FAQ
didn't turn up a pertinent answer.

I've downloaded 2 version of the dev kit now: 

When I download and unpack, and look at RELEASE_NOTES.html in the top
level directory there's a big screaming message that goes like:

"Android 1.1 SDK, Release 1
February 2009

This is NOT the current Android SDK release.
Download the current Android SDK
The sections below provide an overview of the SDK package.

For more information on this SDK release, read the Release Notes."

Is this message just incorrect and needs fixing, or are the files I'm
downloading with 1.5 in the title really just 1.1 dev kits?

yours confusedly..


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