Webkit(Webview) & IME

by Huibin QIAN » Tue, 01 Jul 2008 17:15:59 GMT

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 I got a problem. when I implement my new Browser using the webkit and
want to input 'words' of mine into the webview's edittext. 'Cause my
MOBILE Phone have no keybord, so I use softkeyborad to input.
my problem is I can input my words into the webview edittext, but in
fact, the edittext can't get what i input. How can I resolve it?

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1. Bug fix on android 2.1


It seams to me that a bug was fixed between android 2.0.1 and 2.1
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When using TransitionDrawable in a ListView (with convert view
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scroll rapidly to the end of the list, and then go back to the middle
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TransitionDrawable is set as the image of an ImageView.
(Tested on emulators from 1.6 to 2.1, and on real devices : G2 with
1.5, G2 with 1.6 and Nexuos One with 2.1)

But with android 2.1, the bug magically disappeared ! I'm quite happy
but I still want backward compatibility...

So is there anyone on the android team a bit less busy than the others
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Of course the change could have occured on LayerDrawable or other
parent's classes as well...



PS : here's part of my code

                    Drawable drawableOld = this.getDrawable();
                    Drawable drawableNew = new BitmapDrawable
                    Drawable[] layers = {drawableOld, drawableNew};
                    TransitionDrawable transitionDrawable = new


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extra LinearLayout prevents the unnecessary redraw, as does separating
the two views by a 1 pixel margin. Looking at the code in the sdk it
seems the dirty rectangle for each view is (top, left, top + width,
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