Camera Parameters

by steve2641 » Mon, 02 Mar 2009 21:29:38 GMT

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Is there, or should there be, a public list of common camera
parameters?  So far the only way we have found out about existing
camera parameters is through the code in the sample camera HAL and
stock camera app.

We have internally specified additional camera parameters for the new
features that we are adding, but there is a concern that our additions
will not be common with the additions made by Google or other
manufacturers.  We desire to stay in common as much as possible in
order to allow 3rd party applications to function on our platform with
few if any changes, but at the moment there does not seem to be a
public list of future camera parameters to allow common development.

Is there a plan to publically release such a list of future camera



Camera Parameters

by Prashant J Zaveri » Tue, 03 Mar 2009 03:46:36 GMT

 Hi Steve,

Qualcomm and Zoom has got its own HAL implementation for camera. You can
check out that. Though the parameters supported are same, you will get
better idea of how it is implemented.

Prashant Zaveri



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Camera Parameters

by steve2641 » Tue, 03 Mar 2009 13:38:04 GMT

 I'm not really interested in someone else's Camera HAL implementation,
I have my own.  What I'm interested in is making sure I stay in sync
with the potential future list of camera parameters.  For instance,
say I want to add a new feature to control flash, so in my
implementation I add a "flash-mode" parameter for this.  There is no
way to know whether "flash-mode" will be a common name that all
manufacturers will use.  Maybe next week the someone will release a
product using "strobe-mode" or "flash-state" or anything that is
different than what I chose.  It seems that the OHA should decide on a
list of camera parameters for the common features that will be likely
added over the next year or two so that all vendors can use them when
adding these common features.  If this doesn't happen then the
developers of camera related apps will have to have platform specific
code to handle the differences in the implementations camera
parameters, which really seems to go against what I perceive as one of
the big benefits of this framework, portability.




Camera Parameters

by may » Wed, 04 Mar 2009 05:45:14 GMT

 quot;Qualcomm and Zoom has got its own HAL implementation for camera."
I just check out Qualcomm's camera HAL code from
I can't find Zoom's code.Would you tell me where I can get Zoom's

I have installed Android on My EPC701.But I can't use anything,such as
camera, network(wifi).
So I would like to implementation HAL for UVC Camera(EPC 701).
But I encounter some difficulties.I don't konw how to develop and
debug camera HAL code. I know I need to implement 'class
CameraHardwareInterface'.I hope to I can refer to something about
camera HAL.

On 3 97 steve2641 <> wrote:


Camera Parameters

by Dave Sparks » Wed, 04 Mar 2009 06:24:49 GMT

 I agree, Steve. We're getting ready for another round of improvements
to the camera for the next release after Cupcake.

If you have suggestions for parameters you think should be
standardized, please let me know.



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