How to start an Intent from preference page AND GET RESULTS?

by Xin Zhao » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 08:37:37 GMT

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 Hey guys,

I am trying to start an intent from a preference activity, AND GET RESULTS
once the new intent is done. As such, I can update the summary of the

Normall we do startActivityForResult() to wait for results. But how can I do
this here?

My code is as follow:

      PreferenceScreen intentPref =
      Intent intent = new Intent(this, PolicyEditor.class);
      intent.putExtra(PhoneCardDbAdapter.COL_ROWID, (long)rule.mRuleID);
      intentPref.setIntent(intent);  <--- I want to make sure once the
activity related to intent is done, we can update the summary
      title = "Rule " + (i+1);
      summary = rule.ruleSummary();

Any idea?



How to start an Intent from preference page AND GET RESULTS?

by gymshoe » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 06:09:04 GMT


This invokes an Intent directly from Preferences XML which is handy.
(Perhaps you could specify ACTION_GET_CONTENT to return a value to
your app, although I have not tried this.)  Invoking the intent works
OK internally, but I have not been able to invoke an activity outside
of my application. For instance, I have not been able to invoke the
generic phone Dialer. I have only been able to invoke activities
defined in my manifest file.  This doesn't seem fair since you can
invoke outside activities through java code using intents...



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