General task state detection & handling

by Grant » Thu, 14 Oct 2010 01:34:56 GMT

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 In my current application (a game) I'm currently having problems
determining when to pause my audio. Pretty much the entire game runs
in a single Activity (basically a wrapper around some JNI code) so
changing between game states is irrelevant. My main problems come from
the key-lock screen and a 3rd party library which I use for leader-
boards and the like.

Previously I would pause/resume the audio whenever the appliction had
'onWindowFocusChanged' called which handled the key-lock screen as
expected. Unfortunately this had the side effect of causing
'AlertDialog' dialogs to cut out the audio when displayed.
Subsequently, I changed it to pause/resume audio in the 'onPause' and
'onResume' functions of the Activity. This works well except the sound
will continue to play when the key-lock screen is up. Is there any way
for me to detect when the key-lock screen gets displayed (apart from
constantly polling) and pause the sound when this occurs?

My other problem is that when I start the activity for the 3rd party
library (it actually starts it self after it establishes a network
connection), my audio stops playing (as the game's activity goes to
the background and gets "paused"). How can I detect when the entire
task/application goes to the background?



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