just say hello.

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 just say hello.


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1. Attn::Oracle Apps DBA Requirement in Framingham, MA::Please respond back at di...@abacuscs.com::


What part of this group makes you think that it is a place  to post jobs or
information other than
android-developers information.

Have a little respect  :-)


2. 2D shooting game problem

Hello everybody,

I've been playing with the LunarLander example and tried to make my own
thing out of it...

On the right bottom screen, I've got a tank that is not moving and his
turret that's moving up and down. It's supposed to shoot missiles at
different angles.

I've got a tank, turret and a bullet and they are a Bitmap image.

private Bitmap tank;
private Bitmap turret;
private Bitmap bullet;

Turret only rotates from angle 0 to angle 75, and I did that with the

I managed to get the turret moving but now I'm finding it hard to shoot

*doDraw method*
private void doDraw(Canvas canvas) {

         canvas.drawBitmap(backgroundImage, 0, 0, null);

         canvas.drawBitmap(tank, x_tank, y_tank, new Paint());

//Rotating the turret
         canvas.rotate((float) mHeading, (float) x_turret + mTurretWidth,

         canvas.drawBitmap(turret, x_turret, y_turret, new Paint());

??? what should I write here for the bullet to be seen shooting out of that


*Update method*
private void updateGame() {

            long now = System.currentTimeMillis();

            if (mLastTime > now)
            double elapsed = (now - mLastTime) / 1000.0;

            if (dUp) // UP key
             mHeading += 1 * (PHYS_SLEW_SEC * elapsed);

            if (mHeading >= 75) mHeading = 75;

            if (dDown) // DOWN key
              mHeading += (-1) * (PHYS_SLEW_SEC * elapsed);
         if (mHeading < 0) mHeading = 0;

f (dSpace){

         // Fire bullet SPACE key
                        ??? what should I write here for the bullet to be
seen shooting out of that turret
                         ??? When is the method doDraw being called??


LastTime = now;


Thank you so much guys,




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