Sharable Custom UI components

by SAM » Wed, 11 Aug 2010 16:04:55 GMT

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 Hi All,
I want to develop and distribute some custom UI components for
apps. This custom component can do some network communicatioon too
with my server.

So by this I want to hide the communication protocol from my
users, and will show the content as provided by my control eg sponsor
ads. This concept is same as Apple's iAD.

1. I want to hide my custom component code from its users so that
just need to include it in their antivity rest its upto me.

2. I have not implemented but sure that a UI component can do network



Sharable Custom UI components

by Joseph Earl » Thu, 12 Aug 2010 05:26:33 GMT

 > 1. I want to hide my custom component code from its users so that

You can create a custom View. Then the developer can just include the
needed class(es) (or library) and create instances of your view either
from within Java or an XML layout file.

E.g. if you created a new custom View called MyCustomView in the
package com.example.view and the developer includes your class in
their project then they would just have to enter something like the
following in their XML layout file:


and they'd have an instance of your widget in their app without ever
having to look at your code.

Android does not currently have compiled components/widgets to my
knowledge, so as far as I am aware you cannot hide your code from them
- there will be no need for them to look at it or understand it, but
if they wish to they can.


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