Android on neo1973

by frma » Tue, 09 Dec 2008 02:13:23 GMT

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 I've now got android up and running on a neo1973, first booting an fso-
minimal image then chroot:ing and starting android from my sdcard

I just "repo upload":ed my changes to bionic when I discovered that
Jean-Baptiste Queru:s changes was merged, so I guess I have to revisit
my patches now :S

Anyway, I have a couple of questions:

1) I have not resolved the issues with the dynamic linker/toolchain
and thumb mode, is it ok to
   check in something to get it up and running in arm-mode and fix
that problem later ? This way
   other people can work on other things like getting the phone-part
working !

2) I kept most of the phone-specific (keymaps etc.) part ni vendor/fic/
neo1973. Is this right ?
    How can I share these parts ?

3) Some of the external components have armv4t support some have not,
is it ok to fall back on
    slow c-implementations and implement those later.

4) The linker of the current android toolchain (specifically ld) by
default turns on the generation
    of blx by default (even with -mcpu=armv4t). How can we submit
patches to the toolchain ?


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