Android Application with embedded e-reading

by Brinson Tatum » Wed, 28 Jul 2010 01:29:55 GMT

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 I am pretty new to mobile development and I'm struggling with how to
go about accomplishing one task.  The application that I'm working on
is for a state government agency and is going to include a variety of
features, one of them the ability to read a handbook.  I want to make
the user experience as nice as possible by making the handbook
readable in a similar as other e-reading software, but I'm at a loss
as to how to accomplish it.

I started by using a WebView and looking at packaging the handbook
into an epub file and displaying the contents in the WebView.  On the
surface, displaying the content was pretty easy in the webview.  The
challenge is with making it not have the user scroll down.  I would
rather them flip pages like a standard e-reader.  I'm not looking to
build a full featured e-reader, but I would like the basic
functionality.  It seems the WebView may not be the best UI component
for this task, but maybe it is.

Any suggestions or ideas would be MUCH appreciated!



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