onSignalStrengthsChanged bug?

by Ken H » Fri, 02 Apr 2010 00:32:31 GMT

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 I have an app for measuring a lot of phone stats including signal
strength, and it works fine. I'm using the new
onSignalStrengthsChanged method in Eclair (the old
onSignalStrengthChanged was depracated in v2.0.1) and I've updated my
app to include a service to continue recording that rssi value after
you've exited the app (mostly to save the battery, but also for
monitoring the phone state while making calls, etc.)

Anyway, I've tested the service out on my way to work and notice that
if I let the phone go to sleep (hit the power button and the screen
goes off) the signal strength value does not change -- it continues to
hold the value it had when the phone went to sleep. I know the
PhoneStateListener is working because I'm seeing updates for the
cellID which comes from the onCellLocationChanged method in the

This services works as expected if I keep the phone awake by using
Google Maps or just tapping the screen periodically while at the
desktop -- in other words not letting the phone fall asleep. When I do
that the data collected shows the cellID being updated *and* the
signal strength changing as I drive.

I know not a lot of people do this sort of thing (RF stuff), but has
anybody else seen this? Is this a bug?



onSignalStrengthsChanged bug?

by Ken H » Sat, 03 Apr 2010 00:04:16 GMT

 Just holding out hope someone has had this problem too...



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