Traceview: trace file not found

by Graham Morehead » Mon, 03 Nov 2008 05:39:34 GMT

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 In an attempt to debug my app, I was trying to use 'traceview' (one of
the apps in the the android SDK).  In the windows edition of the SDK
version 1.0, the executable is 'traceview.bat'.  I was able to get a
tracefile by using the 'android.os.Debug' package and using
Debug.startMethodTracing("basename"); and Debug.stopMethodTracing();
in my code.  I created a virtual sdcard for the emulator to use, and
then I ran the app on the emulator and was successful in creating a
trace file, which I pulled to a directory.  Here was my problem:
Whenever I tried to view the trace using 'traceview.bat', it said that
the file is not found.  This was hard to understand since I specified
the right directory.  I even went into that directory.  It still
couldn't find it.  I finally resolved it when I specified the whole
path using the notation  "C:/topdir/nextdir/... etc."  If you're not
familiar with Cygwin (a Unix shell for windows), you also have the
choice of specifying a path with "/cygdrive/c/topdir/...", but
'traceview' won't parse that.

Hope this helps someone.  It stalled me for hours.


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