Supplying a different background drawable for a dialog?

by ivar » Fri, 12 Mar 2010 03:36:42 GMT

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 While changing the color of the panel, did you set the alpha value to
FF? 0 gives you full transparency and FF gives you total opacity.

Hope this helps.


Supplying a different background drawable for a dialog?

by Mark Wyszomierski » Fri, 12 Mar 2010 03:43:22 GMT

 I just took the original image from the android assets folder, changed
the color, and save it out in photoshop. If it weren't set to 0, then
wouldn't it also be opaque on 1.6+ ?

Someone recommended I try this:

        WindowManager.LayoutParams lp = getWindow().getAttributes();

in the dialog onCreate() method. Gave it a shot, but no effect on 1.5
either. Works perfectly on 1.6+. I think there's something wrong with

Any ideas?



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