Viewing SMS Message Details with Messaging/SMS Intent

by beachboy » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 15:04:24 GMT

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 I have a message that my app has retrieved from the SMS content
provider and I would like to invoke the Messaging/SMS App to View the
message. When I use the code below it appears that the UI panel that
is displayed is combination of the UI panel of view and compose
message from the Messaging/SMS App. The body of the message is stored
in the compose edit box next to the send button. When you click on a
message from the Messaging/SMS app the message and its details are
displayed above the compose edit box indicating that we are not
composing a new message. Can anyone tell what I am doing wrong in the
code below?

  Uri uri = Uri.parse("sms: ");
           Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW,uri);
           intent.putExtra("compose_mode", false);
           intent.putExtra("message_id", id);
           intent.putExtra("address", "1234567890");



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