Android input devices

by » Wed, 01 Apr 2009 14:18:40 GMT

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 Who knows how many kinds of input device android can support?
Touchscreen,keyboard are known,about else,e.g. mouse etc?

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I have an app which I am trying to turn into a library and create 2 new apps 
that consume it.  I have to move all code differences between the 2 apps out 
of the library and into the separate apps due to the fact that I sold source 
code to the owner of the app.  This way I can give them them library and 
their app.  I am running into a bit of a problem tho.  In at least one of my 
activities the UI behavior is somewhat different, in this class the 
CustomerListActivty.  So I started to move the CustomerListActivity out into 
each respective app, but the problem came when other activities in the 
library project were trying to invoke the CustomerListActivity 
via startActivity(new Intent(SomeClass.this, CustomerListActivity.class));. 
 Obviously the library no longer knew what CustomerListAcitivity was so I 
got compiler errors.  I am at a loss on how to solve this problem.  I think 
I need some way to refer the activity other than by class name.

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in my android application at some event in an activity I want to ask
the user for a name (string). I know how to do this: call showDialog,
create the dialog in the Activity.onCreateDialog method (I need to
supply a string for the label) and handle the result in the onClick of
the dialog. This works fine and to my satisfaction.
BUT doing it this way I have three different places (onCreateDialog,
onClick, and where I call ShowDialog), where this simple task spreads
throughout the code of my activity. I would much more prefer to keep
this code together, to write something like this:

string result;
if (showSimpleEditDialog(idForLabelString, result)==DIALOG_OK)
   // do something with the result

or maybe with a class instance

SimpleEditDialog dlg = new SimpleEditDialog(idForLabelString);
if (dlg.showModal()==DIALOG_OK)
   string result = dgl.getResult();
   // do something with the result

 (The "idForLabelString" would be some resource id for the label to
use, "DIALOG_OK" would be some constant returned when the user clicks
OK) I know, I would have to write this methodes or this class. But for
better readibility of my code I would do it. Any suggestions?
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