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by Derek » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 06:46:34 GMT

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 Hi all,

Just to let you know that since 1.1RC3, BucketUpload application
allows uploading images/videos to your Flickr account. Options such as
tags and share to friend/family/all are available:


Have fun.

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'm working on a litte HTTP server application for the Android. Now I
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creating a suitable  keystore file.
Searching the archives I came to the conclusion that it will be best
to use a BKS type keystore since all other keystore types (like JKS)
are not supported on the android.

Unfortunately I can't figure out a way to setup the keystore file.
I tried OpenSSL - wrong keystore format.
I tried the keytool from JDK - right keystore format but it doesn't
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I tried the Keytool IUI - I could create a BKS type keystore but it
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if I try to create a new certificate or import it from a JKS keystore.
(I tried to create the RSA ver.3 certificate with a key size of 2048
and 1024 bits.)

How do you create BKS keystores?

For completeness here's the code I trying to use for loading the

                        SSLContext ctx;
                        KeyManagerFactory kmf;
                        KeyStore ks;
                        InputStream keyStore = 
                        ctx = SSLContext.getInstance("TLS");
                        String mkAlgortithm = 
                        kmf = KeyManagerFactory.getInstance(mkAlgortithm);
                        String ksType = KeyStore.getDefaultType();
                        ks = KeyStore.getInstance (ksType);

                        kmf.init(ks, passPhrase);
                        KeyManager[] keyManagers = kmf.getKeyManagers();
                        ctx.init(keyManagers, null, null);

Maybe you can also provide me with a link about how to handle the
handshake process?



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