SurfaceViews handling, Thread, and general game design

by Dianne Hackborn » Wed, 15 Jul 2009 00:06:43 GMT

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  very strongly recommend that you don't use multiple surface views.  A
surface view is a very heavy-weight object, and intended for the primary
area of the window -- for example, the video part of a video player, the
playfield of a game, etc. It is basically an overlay, and actually its own
separate full window that is simply being Z-ordered with your main window to
make it look like they are related.

I don't know what your "complicated" animation sequence is, but just having
some animation is not enough reason to use a surface view. Worst case, you
can just create an off-screen bitmap that you draw the animation in and
update the screen by drawing that bitmap to the screen with the normal
invalidate() mechanism. If you need the performance of a surface view, then
you should design your game so that your entire playfield is on surface
view, and you take care of drawing each of your boxes inside of that and
manage them however you want (not as their own views).

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