Eclipse android setup, cannot for the life of me!

by » Mon, 27 Apr 2009 16:25:50 GMT

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 I have unzipped eclipse, installed android tools through "add
site" (they are listed in the installed tab) and have installed JDK
and JRE that came with netbeans. I have the installations to date. I
cannot for the life of me find out why Android is not showing up in
the last step for installation (The part of going to menu in eclipse:
"Windows->preferences and select Android on the left"). It simply is
not listed here! I have uninstalled all java installations and
folders, and reinstalled with the latest copy, and have reinstalled
android for eclipse. What am I doing wrong? I have looked around the
web and the only help I saw was about getting the right Java JRE
installed. My copy is JDK with netbeans, but I saw EE and Jfx bundles
to download. I am so confused why it does not show up in preferences,
yet it says it is installed in the Software Updates section...Any help
would be much appreciated!


Eclipse android setup, cannot for the life of me!

by » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 15:04:49 GMT

 Did you figure it out? I have similar issue.


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