Bad (FALSE) Rating 鈥?What recour se does a developer have?

by » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 10:56:46 GMT

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 Ie written a Hangman game that was doing OK in the market.  I had a
five star rating.  No user ever complained about my application.  I
got an email from a buyer who said that it did not work past the easy
level and wanted his money back or a fix.  This was past the 24 hours
for the automatic download.  I responded back asking him to try to
download the game and again and if he has any problems to let me know
I would refund his money.  I never heard back from the buyer.  Today I
see that my five star rating now a one.

I have a serious problem with this because one, It a lie.  I did
respond to the buyers email.  Second no one has reported any problem
with the levels in the game.  Three my other ratings (comments from
other buyers) have been removed.

This sucks anyone can trash your game for any reason.  What, as a
developer can I do to have this crap removed?


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