Android 3-way call

by u1663097 u1663097 » Wed, 30 Jun 2010 02:52:31 GMT

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 I am studying the possibility of application based on android 3-way call.

I am wondering how i can merge 2 call, is the API open?



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1. Looking for GUI in android tablet

Hi All,

I am new to Android and I am developing an application for android

but i am facing problem regarding GUI.

I want same GUI for ladscape & portrait in device.

but GUI changes while portrait to ladscape.

Is there any solution for this problem ??
Is there any good link for this ??

Thanks in andvance ..


Nandlal Virani


2. In defense of Google TV

There has been a lot of press lately, about Google asking
manufacturers to delay showing their TV products at CES, and asking
Logitech to stop production (which turned out to be false).  The
general feeling (in the press at least) is that Google TV is not ready
for prime time, and basically, just a bad product.

My experience with this product has been very positive so far.  I
didn't have internet access on my TV (a Tivo, Blueray, Roku, etc)
before, so maybe I don't have much to go on.  I also received the
Google TV for free from Google through a seeding program, which may
make me more forgiving (as opposed to if I had spent $300 of my hard
earned bucks on it).

Setup was a breeze.  I just plugged it in, put the HDMI out from my
Satellite box into it, then connected it to my TV, and turned it on.
Of course, it immediately downloaded new software (which I knew was
going to happen).  I have heard different experiences from Roku users
(for instance, you need to physically plug the box into Ethernet to
get the initial software update).

The software is pretty good.  I was able to connect it to my network
quickly, and can stream media directly from my Windows 7 computer.  I
also tried plugging a USB drive into the back, and was able to play a
movie from that.  I wouldn't say it is completely intuitive (I did
have to do some searching to figure out how to do some things), but
once I found them, everything just works.  I guess, this is consistent
with the Android experience in general - not completely brain dead to
use, but powerful, once you figure it out.  I was able to teach my
wife, and father-in-law (neither of them are super technical) how to
use the device pretty easily, so I guess the learning curve isn't too
steep.   I find the UI to be responsive, which is very important in a
TV (any sort of lag would be problematic on this sort of device).  I
am happy with the amount of content available (basically, all I need
is Netflix and the Internet, I don't care about Hulu or the other
services that are blocked).

I have a pretty fast Internet connection, and have had flawless
streaming from Netflix, and when watching online video (mostly CNET
and YouTube).  I am surprised that I don't have more problems, because
my Wifi is a little spotty (due to the construction of my house, and
the location of the router, etc).   The box must do a good job of
caching, because I haven't seen many video glitches.

Of course, all is not well in Google TV-land.  The hardware is pretty
awful.  The Logitech keyboard is very awkward to use (and way too
big), and it is necessary to switch between buttons and mouse
navigation fairly often to get things done.  The UI certainly is in
need of some refinement.  There are a variety of main categories on
the left (ie. Applications, Spotlight, Most Used, etc) that are pretty
much all the same thing.  The picture in a picture functionality isn't
implemented real well (although, the recent update was supposed to
address some of this stuff).  As with a lot of early Google products,
the UI is fairly un-refined.  Some of the apps aren't implemented real
well (for instance, Pandora continues to play, even after you have
navigate away from it, and launched another video stream), and the
early Netflix didn't allow you to add videos to your instant Que (but
the newest release fixed that).

It probably isn't clear to the average user, but I can very clearly
tell that Android is running behind the scenes.  I end up using the
Home, Back, Menu, and Search buttons a lot (although it took me a
while to even find the menu button, on the keyboard).  I look forward
to getting an SDK for this, so I start developing apps (as far as I
know, it hasn't been announced yet) - although, I haven't really come
up with a killer app idea yet.

Bottom line, I am confused about all the negative press about the
Google TV.  I really love it.  I found it easy to setup, fairly easy
to use (after a small learning curve), and pretty robust (it hasn't
crashed on me). I am super e{*filter*}d to have Internet on my TV for the
first time, and can't imagine ever living without this product again.
The current Google TV is clearly an early product, but is far more
polished than the media and general reviews are making it out to be.


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