Generating thumbnails for external (SD Card) images

by Socrates » Tue, 18 Nov 2008 23:12:12 GMT

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 After pushing numerous pictures onto an SD card image, I'm having
trouble displaying them in a grid-like view.  I am trying to use
android.provider.MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails to access image
thumbnails, but I can't find a way to generate thumbnails and populate
the thumbnails table.

I have tried using Images.Media.insertImage(), but this does strange
things like create multiple thumbnails per image and it frequently
causes an OutOfMemory error.  I am using to scan the individual picture
files -- this adds the pictures to the Images.Media table, but this
does not generate thumbnails.

How do I create thumbnails?  And what is the best way to add an image
into the MediaStore database?


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