DevPhone1 SDK compatibility

by Lucian » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 01:46:06 GMT

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 Hi All,

I've found again my DevPhone1 (aka G1) on a shelf and though that this
time I should really give it a try and create an app for it. But I've
really lost touch with the Android world and now I don't know where to
start really.

There have been many SDK releases lately for many new and better
devices. Which one of these can I use with G1? What is the most recent
one which can be used on that hardware (although with reduced
performance) but which will enable development for rather modern
Android releases as well.

The firmware update received today, while recharging the phone, is
1.6. Can I go higher with some R&D build?

Thanks in advance for your guidance,

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DevPhone1 SDK compatibility

by BobG » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 07:46:33 GMT

 I have a dev phone 2 with 1.6. My boss has a moto droid with 2.1 (I
ASSUMED buying a google dev phone would have the latest rev, but
evidently not). You can definitely develop an app for it, just select
os revision 1.6 in the new->project->android project dialog.
Evidently, the bluetooth is still iffy in 1.6.... there is a thing
called 'backport' and another thing called 'reflection' that lets you
compile the 2.1 bluetooth stuff to run on 1.6?


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DevPhone1 SDK compatibility

by Lucian Tomuta » Fri, 23 Apr 2010 02:06:15 GMT

 Thanks BobG,

I'll look into these backport/reflection things.

Best regards,

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