Update UK G1 not showing paid apps STAY ON TOPIC

by Justin Allen Jaynes » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 05:19:39 GMT

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 This is a DEVELPER forum.  Please keep to DEVELOPMENT topic.  A quote 
from the description of the forum:
    This is the not the right place to discuss user issues (use 
android-discuss for that).


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1. Maps API Key to run in emulator, is it necessary??

hi there,

kind of confused with this, found  two documentations:

Because MapView gives you access to Google Maps data, you need to
register with the Google Maps service and agree to the applicable
Terms of Service before your MapView will be able to obtain data from
Google Maps. This will apply whether you are developing your
application on the emulator or preparing your application for
deployment to mobile devices.

In order to use a MapView in your app, you need to include the
"android:apiKey" attribute in the MapView (or include a key in the
MapView constructor). For now, just put any value there (e.g.,

so, do I need it or not?

Also, where can I find any sample that loads a map? App demos in the
SDK dont load any...


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Does a library loaded via <uses-library> load the library into shared

For example, I created my own library and registered it in /system/etc/
permissions.xml and I have several android applications that declare
that they use that library.  Will each of those android applications
load their own instance of the library's compiled classes, or will the
library get loaded into shared memory such that all the applications
will share the same instance of the library's compiled classes?

are not getting loaded into shared memory.


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