Update UK G1 not showing paid apps STAY ON TOPIC

by Justin Allen Jaynes » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 05:19:39 GMT

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 This is a DEVELPER forum.  Please keep to DEVELOPMENT topic.  A quote 
from the description of the forum:
    This is the not the right place to discuss user issues (use 
android-discuss for that).


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1. The ulltimate Android development experience

Dear fellow Android Developers,

We have discovered an industry breakthrough on software development,
that can make mobile development as simple as technically aware mobile
device user (yes, user, not a developer) can make full enterprise
scale application.

Note, despite being in alpha, this technology is reality.
Unfortunately though the toolset requires Visual Studio 2008+ right
now, but with the involvement from Google, this is trivial to change.
Also we have not yet published any reference abstractions, so it
requires in-project level abstractions currently. However once getting
used of the abstractions, their ROI is almost immediate even at
project level.

Currently all the Visual Studio using Android developers can start
abstracting and generating .java code from their abstractions. So fire
away if you have Visual Studio at your disposal.

The documentation is available here:


We are looking both for community participation as well as focus
interest on the larger industry player such as Google, Microsoft and

So if you love your Android over the other platforms, help us raise
the interest level so that Google executives get involved. If we do
not get their attention, the chances are that the focused case slips
on the other major vendors.

The full business case is available at:


Merry Christmas for all the fellow Androidians!

Kalle Launiala, CTO of Citrus Solutions Oy


2. Anyone know where I can buy NFC tags?

I'd like to buy some NFC tags for use with the Nexus S / Android 2.3. 
 Anyone know where I can fin such things?  

What I'm hoping for is a way to purchase some number of tags (~100) and some 
way of writing to those tags from a mac.


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