calling servlet from application

by Opal » Tue, 07 Apr 2009 02:04:57 GMT

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 Hi all,

I need to call a servlet from my android app and send/receive some
data (using post method). I don't know how to do it and reading the
API doesn't help me very much. Do u know any solution or have any idea
how to do it?

I've searched this group before writing and there are some solutions
but with the older version of API.

Any ideas, samples or suggestions?


calling servlet from application

by Mark Murphy » Tue, 07 Apr 2009 02:13:52 GMT


If you use HttpURLConnection, it works the same as in "regular Java": 

If you use org.apache.http.*, there is documentation and examples at: 

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)  | 

Android App Developer Training: 


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calling servlet from application

by mark . kahrl » Thu, 09 Apr 2009 07:03:51 GMT

 Yes that is a wonderful feature of Android, in that much of the
backend functionality is the same as 'regular' java. You can even
stream objects back and forth to servlets, no need for chossy xml/soap
type web data services.



calling servlet from application

by Opal » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 14:43:30 GMT

 Gr8, thanks for the clues :)


calling servlet from application

by Marco Schmitz » Tue, 14 Apr 2009 14:51:54 GMT

 and how do I use authentication (simple http login /pw) and how https
/ ssl (with my own licence)?

using httpclient its quite simple...

do I need to set some htttp headers on my own?


2009/4/14 Opal <>:


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