How the video display size making use of resize and rotation is set under Android

by sreedhar b » Thu, 30 Apr 2009 18:09:25 GMT

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I am doing the video playback in Media player which is making use of  soft
PV video decoder giving YUV 420 planar output.
Currently if the input stream is of QVGA resolution, the display is QVGA on
my VGA LCD display panel.

If the input stream is of VGA resolution, the display is VGA.

I wanted to play QVGA i/p stream as VGA (definitely including resize).
How this can be done inside Android?

Similarly i want to display QVGA(320x240) i/p stream decoded and rendered to
display as 240X340(definitely including rotation).

If somebody has tried these, please let me know how these can be implemented
for video playback inside Android.
This is mainly for resize and rotate.




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