Where can i find a (complete) reference of XML files for layouts/drawables/etc

by Streets Of Boston » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 05:08:09 GMT

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 Hello everyone,

I've been searching the internet and i have not found a proper
reference guide (with some nice examples) that describe all the
possible elements in XML files for resources such as layouts,
drawables, strings, manifests, etc., etc.

The only ones i find are some examples but I have no clear idea of
everything that may be out there.

For development i'm using Eclipse and the Android views help quite a
bit when creating layouts for views. However, i'm not sure Eclipse is
complete in that respect.

And when creating xml file for drawables, there is no help from
Eclipse whatsoever. That's why i'm looking for a (complete) reference
guide describing all the possible xml-elements and their attributes
(for example; how to create custom backgrounds with borders,
gradients, corners, shapes, strokes, etc. etc.)

Can someone point me to a resource with this kind of information.

Thank you very much!
-- Anton Spaans

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