How to send and receive SMS messages from outside the emulator?

by David » Thu, 17 Apr 2008 04:22:53 GMT

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 Hi, I am developing an application that requires data to be passed
between two phones via SMS messages.  One phone is a physical phone
that is our server while the other is the android emulator.  To test
the architecture I need to be able to get my messages in and out of
the emulator, so that the emulator can communicate with the server

To send messages to the emulator, I have tried opening a connection to
the emulator and sending the command "sms send <number> <message>";
however it appears that the emulator may be converting the message
into 7 bit encoding instead of leaving it at 8 bit.  This causes a
problem because my string is not meant to be interpreted as 7 bit
since the message is just a string representation of encoded and
compressed data.

At this point, our idea is to write the message to a file, push it
into the emulator, and code our SMS receiver to read the file and pass
the data in the file instead of the actual SMS message.  Then to
"send" an SMS message out, we would write it to a file and pull it out
of the emulator.  This should work but is not desirable.

Does anyone have any better suggestions on how to pass SMS data
messages in and out of the emulator?



How to send and receive SMS messages from outside the emulator?

by Digit » Thu, 17 Apr 2008 04:33:06 GMT

 can you elaborate about the "it appears that the emulator may be converting
the message into 7 bit encoding" ?

when using 'sms send <number> <message>', the content of <message> must be
utf-8, with a few escape conventions added in (type 'help sms send' for more

internally, the SMS spec allows you to send messages in either the 7-bit GSM
alphabet or UCS-2 and the emulator will choose the proper encoding based on
the content of <message>. it will also do all the gritty-nitty segmentation
for you (since each SMS PDU is quite limited in size)

there is a known bug where any characters in the "escaped section" of the
GSM alphabet (i.e. anything in [|]{}~^) will not generate a totally proper
message, but this will be addressed in a later release...


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