Is it possible to buy G1 developer device from Italy?

by Andrea Grandi » Mon, 15 Dec 2008 18:42:51 GMT

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 Hi all,

I'm an italian developer, and since Italy is not in the country list
where G1 is available for developers, I don't know if I can buy one.
Is there any way to get a G1 device?

Thanks for your help.

Is it possible to buy G1 developer device from Italy?

by ipalik » Tue, 16 Dec 2008 06:28:19 GMT

 I think, you have 2 possibilities.

1. you can wait till there is a G1 in italy

2. if you have a friend, that is in the country list, you can tell
him, he should order one and should send it to you.


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Is it possible to buy G1 developer device from Italy?

by Stoyan Damov » Wed, 17 Dec 2008 06:11:50 GMT

 Here's how I got mine (today), but prepare to suffer :)

You can buy an unlocked G1 from N web sites. I have a (very good)
friend in California so naturally I asked him to buy one because in
Bulgaria if I got a scam like "here's your contract-unlocked (but
still SIM-locked) G1, go fuck yourself" I probably (99%) won't be able
to get my money back (but in US it's quite easy). So he bought the
SIM-unlocked phone from a web site, and they delivered the phone in (I
think) 4 days. Then he verified it's unlocked (he tested it w/ his
AT&T card and tested both calls and data connections) and sent it to
me. Now, when you hear UPS, and you're outside US, stay FAR AWAY, use
any other delivery service, just not UPS. He sent the phone via UPS
and they delivered it in 9 *business* days, given that he used the
fast (expedited or whatever it was called) service - the phone made a
tour around US for 3 (or 4) days, and then stayed 4 (FOUR!!!) days in
Koeln (Cologne), Germany.

Now the cost. The phone was $550 or something like that. Add shipping
cost TO your friend (can't remember how much, but say $50). Add
shipping cost to Italy (to BG it was around $200 - $200 bucks for a
2-week delivery that is). So it went to $800. And now, you get to
release the phone from the customs. In Bulgaria VAT is 20%, so add
~$120 (to the $600) and then another 20% for the transport (you do ask
your friend to ask whatever delivery service he'll be using to note in
the invoice that the transport is on his behalf - my friend didn't say
anything to UPS, they took the money (which I paid) and the VAT to the
transport was billed to me at the customs). So in the end, I got my G1
for 550 (price) + 50 (shipping to him) + 200 (shipping to me) + 120
(VAT phone) + 40 (VAT transport) = $960.

Now, if I wasn't working on a software for Android I hope I'll sell,
I'd NEVER EVER spent $1K for a fucking phone (even if I'm
billionaire), but that's life. Just fuck T-Mobile, and more
specifically, ***fuck Apple*** for "inventing" the locked-to-service

Other than that, I *LOVE* my G1 ;)



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