Error in helloandroid tutorial

by Qin XiaoYang » Mon, 23 Nov 2009 13:51:33 GMT

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 Hi all,
I met the following error message appared on the emulator screen.
 "There's a big error message saying that 'Application Android Keyboard (in
process is not responding.' and asking
whether i want to force close it or wait."
Anybody knows why? Thanks.


Error in helloandroid tutorial

by Indicator Veritatis » Tue, 24 Nov 2009 09:08:35 GMT

 I haven't seen that error message. But since the name of the
application in the tutorial is certainly not "Android Keyboard", you
can safely force close it. My guess is that you should go ahead and do
that, and then look for the application ("Hello Android" or
"HelloAndroid") you made during the build and run that.

Normally, that application would run anyway, without waiting for you
to start it. But that does not appear to be happening, since you are
getting this other application in the way.

But all this is only a guess. If you are lucky, after a little while
you will see more knowledgeable answers in this thread.


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Error in helloandroid tutorial

by Qin XiaoYang » Wed, 25 Nov 2009 00:06:13 GMT

 Thanks for you help, in fact the application runs normally after force close
the message box.
I was just curious about why this error message appeared.


Error in helloandroid tutorial

by AJ » Mon, 14 Dec 2009 06:08:35 GMT

 I was wondering if you found out why do we see this error. I am having
this error too with Hello Android App.


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