Additional Libraries Needed when I Built Cupcake for Dream

by David Recordon » Tue, 21 Apr 2009 23:09:58 GMT

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 Hey all,
I checked out cupcake last night and started working on building it
for my Dream (have an unlocked dev phone) and ran into the error
"make: *** No rule to make target `out/target/product/dream/obj/lib/'".  Searched and found a blog post ( 
blog/?p=220) from about a month ago documenting this error (among
others) with a fix that worked for me.

I ended up adding the following lines to vendor/htc/dream/extract-
adb pull /system/lib/ proprietary/
adb pull /system/lib/ proprietary/
adb pull /system/lib/ proprietary/
adb pull /system/lib/ proprietary/
adb pull /system/lib/ proprietary/

I then, as the developer said a month ago, copied all of these
libraries into TARGET/dream/target/product/dream/obj/lib/ and TARGET/
dream/target/product/dream/system/lib/.  Running make again succeeded.

Sorry if this isn't the right place to report bugs, but given that the
post is a month old and wasn't fixed in the code I pulled last night,
I figured it was worth mentioning.



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