Accessing the sound input/output stream in the phone (sound modulation, sound synthesis, DTMF)

by David Turner » Thu, 05 Mar 2009 09:00:09 GMT

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 Sundog is right.

A longer answer is that whether the application processor can access in-call
audio is
very device specific; on the G1 this is not supported (only the modem
processor can).

For the record, there are two CPUs on the G1, an ARM9 handling
GSM/radio/whatever, and the
ARM11 Android runs on (there are also two DSPs, the mDSP for the modem, and
aDSP for
applications; isn't that fun :-))


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And um...  I don't see how this is going to work.  You can't just run
an android application.  You need to have the rest of the system
going, and it needs to launch the process to have it run.  More than
that, you'd need to have at least the binder driver installed and
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anything.  And even more, Android applications don't even have a
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The simulator is really not much of a bases for "running apps natively
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So you could use the simulator as a way to get versions of things that
are compiled for your desktop system, but there is significant work
ahead of you to actually bring that up and running in some semblance
of an android system.

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