"The State of Mobile Linux" Panel, at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit

by Stone Mirror » Wed, 21 May 2008 23:57:18 GMT

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A few comments on this video:

Some of the claims which Eric Chu makes on this video are quite interesting.
He claims that current open source projects were "too desktop-oriented",
without explaining what he means by that. He's evidently unaware that
there's nothing particularly "desktop-oriented" about the GNOME
technologies, with the exception of the GNOME desktop application itself,
and that numerous phones (now fewer than eighteen of them shown at Mobile
World Congress 2008 in Barcelona) have shipped using precisely these "too
desktop-oriented" components.

He also appeals, repeatedly, to Google's "sharp commercial focus". Evidently
he feels that companies like Samsung, Motorola, and LG are charities or

Eric went on, the following day, to tell the members of the GNOME Mobile
Initiative that "open source projects didn't ship according to a schedule".
He's apparently also unaware that GNOME ships a release every six months,
like clockwork, as does Ubuntu.

I'm still curious as to why Google chose not to be a participating member of
the mobile open source community, as opposed to reinventing wheels and going
it alone. Clearly the reasons given don't hold water. Does someone from
Google want to try coming up with some more persuasive ones?



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