signal 11 on sapphire

by guich » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 03:00:21 GMT

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Pardon me if i'm posting this in the wrong forum, but there are many
forums and i'm not sure where to post it.

I have a google ion (htc magic). When i issue a "adb logcat", from
time to time (near 5 seconds), i get this output:

akmd 1.6.6 START
library version:
Compass OPEN
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Build fingerprint: 'google_ion/google_ion/sapphire/sapphire:1.6/
pid: 306, tid: 306  >>>  <<<
signal 11 (SIGSEGV), fault addr beeee000
 r0 beeee000  r1 00000000  r2 fffff51b  r3 00000000
 r4 beeed51c  r5 00000000  r6 beeed51c  r7 beeed4ab
 r8 00000000  r9 00000000  10 00000000  fp 00000000
 ip 0002c26c  sp beeed480  lr 0000daeb  pc afe1bcb0  cpsr 60000030
         #00  pc 0001bcb0  /system/lib/
         #01  pc 0000dae8  /system/bin/akmd
    beeed440  afe3cd48
    beeed444  beeed49c  [stack]
    beeed448  afe3cd48
    beeed44c  0000006f
    beeed450  afe3cd48
    beeed454  afe145cf  /system/lib/
    beeed458  0000006f
    beeed45c  afe3cd48
    beeed460  beeed4ac  [stack]
    beeed464  afe13101  /system/lib/
    beeed468  beeed49c  [stack]
    beeed46c  0000006f
    beeed470  00000000
    beeed474  00000004
    beeed478  df002777
    beeed47c  e3a070ad
#00 beeed480  ffffffff
    beeed484  0000daeb  /system/bin/akmd
#01 beeed488  beeed55c  [stack]
    beeed48c  0002c208  /system/bin/akmd
    beeed490  beeed60c  [stack]
    beeed494  afe3cd48
    beeed498  beeed520  [stack]
    beeed49c  4c425454
    beeed4a0  4f5f3730
    beeed4a4  45534646
    beeed4a8  3d792e54
    beeed4ac  35303100
    beeed4b0  0000000a
    beeed4b4  00000000
    beeed4b8  00000000
    beeed4bc  00000000
    beeed4c0  00000000
    beeed4c4  00000000
    beeed4c8  00000000
    beeed4cc  00000000

I get this even if i'm at the home screen with no other programs
running (just turn off and on again to ensure it).

Any clues of how can i turn that off? It polutes a lot my logcat and
makes debugging more dificult.




signal 11 on sapphire

by guich » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 03:05:28 GMT

 One thing that may help (not sure if its related), but i think that my
accelerometer has stopped working, because it no longer goes to
landscape when i lay it down.




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signal 11 on sapphire

by guich » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 03:35:47 GMT

 ok, i made a factory reset and the problem is gone (and the
accelerometer is back!)



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