please clear this doubts

by nayana urs » Wed, 27 Jan 2010 09:39:31 GMT

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 these are the doubts which we have....... please clear this.......


   1. Any E- books for Android OS mobile applications?
   2. We have code for Picsay, it has 5 directories. We are not able to
   judge which directory should be loaded first. (,,,, )
   3. And in which order the above directories should be run?
   4. There is no read-me file in the code which we have downloaded
   5. What are the study materials to start up the development of the photo
   6. Do we need J2ME, J2EE or any other application knowledge to proceed
   with the development of this application?
   7. Can we test the features of photo editing application on Emulator?

with regards


please clear this doubts

by Kevin Duffey » Wed, 27 Jan 2010 10:24:14 GMT

 May I ask how you got the code, and how you are planning on working on a
project like this with what appears to be no knowledge of java, android and
so forth. Have you looked at google, the android dev site, amazon for books,
etc? There are tons of resources out there. Mark Murphy's books you can buy
and use in 5 minutes, 3 of them, online, PDF and downloadable right now.
Plenty of examples on the android site as well. I am a little concerned that
you ask a lot of questions that are quite easily found with about 5 or 10
minutes of your time. Probably should look at doing that first, before
posting here to get all the answers. You'll find it invaluable to learn a
lot of the basics on your own and ask questions when stumped.


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