Does anyone use the tool "oprofile" in the open source code

by luyen » Tue, 24 Feb 2009 07:22:51 GMT

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 an user has this question:

Does anyone try the tool "oprofile" in the source code folder
When I use command "oprofile -r start", it will show "Unable to open
cpu_type file for reading Make sure you have done opcontrol --init"
After I finish opcontrol --init, it show the same.
Does I need to set up something first, there is no guide to tell how
to use it.

from: ;catid=22&id=17

Does anyone has the answer?

Does anyone use the tool "oprofile" in the open source code

by Konig.Yuan » Fri, 27 Feb 2009 12:46:49 GMT

 (1) opcontrol --setup, if it failed, the oProfile is not built in
your android kernel.

   you need to enable the CONFIG_OPROFILE=y CONFIG_PROFILING=y

  (2) If the opcontrol --setup successed. cat /dev/oproflie/cpu_type
check whether it is arm/armv6

       Seems google android supports arvm6 by default.

  (3) opcontrol --event TLB_MISS:150000 (you can change the events)

  (4) echo 1 >/dev/oprofile/enable  to start profiling (seems
"opcontrol --start" not work).

  (5) opcontrol --status ,check whether oprofiled is runing or not

  (6) echo 0 >/dev/oprofile/enable to stop the profiling(seems
opcontrol --stop not work).
      Sample data will be collected to /data/oprofile/samples/current/


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Does anyone use the tool "oprofile" in the open source code

by ATC » Sat, 07 Mar 2009 10:53:19 GMT


I am trying to get OProfile working on Android

I have built the kernel with


However, when I try to run it, it says the oprofiled is not running.
Is there quick way to make sure that oprofiled is running?

# echo 1 >/dev/oprofile/enable

# opcontrol --status

Driver directory: /dev/oprofile

Session directory: /data/oprofile

Counter 0 disabled

Counter 1 disabled

Counter 2 disabled

oprofiled is not running


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