Custom GridView

by ioRek » Tue, 28 Jul 2009 18:11:02 GMT

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 Hello, I tried to make my own Custom GridView by extending ViewGroup
as I saw in the photostream application. I now have what I want for
the measure and layout but the scrolling isn't working.

When I look to the GridView code, it let me think that it's too much
work to have a good scroll.
So I'm now trying to have my custom GridView extending GridView this
time with overriding in the same way onMeasure & onLayout so I can
scroll etc.. but nothing is displaying.

The difference is I can't call addView and I don't know how to use
attachView or addViewinLayout.
So i'm wondering if it is the good way for me and if yes How to
display items like I did with a ViewGroup

Thank you !