textview '\n' not causing carraige return

by NFSpeedypur » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 11:04:20 GMT

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 I am very confused.  I have brought in data from a database in a
string format.  This data is something like "Hello\nThis is a Test"
But it is not the '\n' as a carriage return and I am not sure why.  If
I add another part to the string with like ... string + "\nHello" it
works fine with the "\n".  So I am assuming that somehow it is
bringing in the \n as 2 characters from the database instead of 1.

I have tried to modify the database to be both varChars and texts for
the column and they both are the same result.  Is there something
straight forward I am missing?


textview '\n' not causing carraige return

by Mark Murphy » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 20:01:52 GMT


Bear in mind that "newlines" in Windows are \r\n, whereas in Linux and
OS X they are \n.

I do not know if that relates to your issue, but it's the first thing
that jumps to mind...

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy)
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textview '\n' not causing carraige return

by NFSpeedypur » Thu, 12 Mar 2009 21:31:11 GMT

 Thats true and I have tested using a \r in there but it is on the
android emulator.  Its just odd because at one point it was working
fine.  I can make a new string and put a \n in and it works fine.  It
just does not like the one that is taken out of the database.  I have
tried both importing in my own database and creating a new one with
one row and both will not work.  Is there a setting on the Textview
that can disable this?



textview '\n' not causing carraige return

by Allan Rogge de Menezes Souza » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 01:47:07 GMT

 I'm a Newbie!!!

And not speak English



tenho um concurso pra participar e no sei nem o que seja Android ou que
linguagem usar

se for possvel gostaria de obter alguma ideia com vcs aqui
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olhei o grupo brasileiro mas no tem nada e os melhores contedos esto aqui
se vcs puderem me ajudar eu agradeo]]

Allan Rogge



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