A few questions about DR

by SunZD » Thu, 23 Apr 2009 17:54:25 GMT

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Not sure if this is the proper group to discuss DRM (Digital Right
Management) issues, please let me know if not.

Current Android release provides OMA DRM 1.0 support, but seems only
OMA DRM 1.0 Forward Lock is supported, I'd like to know if Google is
going to do some enhancements, for example:
1. Support the whole OMA DRM 1.0 specification, including Combined
Delivery and Separate Delivery
2. Encryption of FL/CD content so that they can be stored to external
storage, same as normal content
3. Metadata support of DRM content is limited and stored in a separate
DB from media DB, how about combining metadata of DRM and non-DRM
content into normal media DB, thus make DRM content transparent to


A few questions about DR

by VK » Wed, 29 Apr 2009 23:02:13 GMT


I am interested in some answers to these questions too.

I found the implementation in the source but nothing to back it up in
the SDK.



> ZD

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