Is it possible to use the accelerometer in a background service?

by John Smith » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 01:05:47 GMT

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 It seems trivial to use GPS in a background service, but how can you
do the same with the accelerometer?

Everything I've tried seems to require a context, but a background
service doesn't have a context?


Is it possible to use the accelerometer in a background service?

by Mike Collins » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 01:43:01 GMT

 my service uses "getBaseContext()", seems to work just fine.  Don't
use it for
GPS but we do use it for many other things.



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Is it possible to use the accelerometer in a background service?

by dadical » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 02:46:05 GMT

 I register a listener to orientation sensor from within a background
service with no trouble.  Perhaps the following code may help.  These
methods are called from my service's onCreate and onDestroy methods:

        private void startMonitoring(){
                SensorManager lMgr = (SensorManager) getSystemService

                } catch(Exception e){

                List<Sensor> lSensorList = lMgr.getSensorList
                if(lSensorList == null || lSensorList.size() == 0){
                        throw new RuntimeException("Orientation sensor not 

                                // assumes that this class implements
                lMgr.registerListener( this, lSensorList.get(0),


        private void stopMonitoring(){
                SensorManager lMgr = (SensorManager) getSystemService

                } catch(Exception e){



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