Getting item on a ExpandableListView

by Alessandro Pellizzari » Sun, 14 Feb 2010 01:44:52 GMT

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 Hi all,

it seems nobody ever documented ExpandableListViews, and I am going
crazy... I tried for at least 3 hours, now. :/

I have overriden onChildClick, and it gives me groupPosition and
childPosition, but it seems there is no getItemAtPosition(groupPosition,
childPosition) and no other way to get the correct item.

How do I get the item?

Thank you very much


Getting item on a ExpandableListView

by TreKing » Sun, 14 Feb 2010 02:35:35 GMT


Yes, they did: 

How do I get the item?

If you read the documentation, you may find this function: #getExpandableListAdapter%28%29

which will get you adapter that has the data in the ExpandableListView. That
in turn has a getChild(group, child) function: #getChild%28int,%20int%29

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Getting item on a ExpandableListView

by Alessandro Pellizzari » Mon, 15 Feb 2010 21:36:04 GMT

 Il giorno sab, 13/02/2010 alle 12.34 -0600, TreKing ha scritto:

I meant: no examples, no directions, no blog posts, no manuals. I only
found a german book on google books, but I could only see 2 pages of it
and didn't get to the point. :/

All the ListView examples use ListView.getItemAtPosition(), but nowhere
I found documented that this is a "wrapper" around the adapter
(inherited from the AdapterView, in fact). :/

This led to my confusion, as ExpandableListView has no such "facility".

Thank you very much. Now I understand how the ListViews "think". :)


Alessandro Pellizzari


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