ADC2 Application Bug fixes policy revise

by rizwan » Thu, 03 Sep 2009 11:16:38 GMT

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 hi All ,

I have submitted my ADC2 entry but there are bugs in it I m sure , as
"There is no opportunity to improve or modify an application between
the First and Second Rounds of Judging."

but Google reserved the rights of Changing it's policy . they should
allow the participant to submit upgrade/bug free  version at least
before first round of Judging. I have heard that Google will provide
special development phones for ADC2 participant . but it was not the
case,Google wants developers to code application for Google Android
platform so they have to be flexible.

So developer let's rate/reply this post  so that Google can realize
that there are many application out there in contest that are buggy
and need only Fixes NO CHANGE IN SOLE IDEA .

 I know cooperate can not change it's terms on my request ,but it's a
tradition that Google always come up with something new/innovative and
Google culture is all about fun . if a CALL A CAB can win ADC1 then
why not open bug fixing for First Round. it will also be in
headline ..............GOOGLE .

Please reply my post , so that Google at least can consider my point.

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