Adding Data to a ListView

by nbadal » Thu, 25 Jun 2009 01:37:02 GMT

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 Is there any way to add data to a listview, outside of a cursor? In my
application, I have a SQL database that I use to store data for each
list entry, but one of the numbers I need to show is not directly
derived from the database, but is instead calculated from a number
from the database. (Database stores a date, but I want to show the
number of days until that date)
I know the formula to get this number, but how would I insert it into
the list without putting it into my SQL database?


Adding Data to a ListView

by nbadal » Thu, 25 Jun 2009 02:20:40 GMT

 Never mind, I hadn't realized I posted this to the android-developers
group at:

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