Video Playback issue- Please help

by Naveen Rapaka » Sun, 25 Apr 2010 04:32:52 GMT

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 The following error i am getting when i do video play back. The video
file is able to play the audio but not able to see the preview on the
screen. The following log is getting printed

[  149.327615] pcm_out: open
[  149.428382] mdp_ppp: could not retrieve image from memory
E/copybit ( 1127): copyBits failed (Operation not permitted)
E/SurfaceFlinger( 1127): GL error 0x0502

Also the pmem block of the android shows the following log which i
have put,
[   50.288855]
<6>Nav: In Major params: start: 21028000 len: 0
[   50.302686]
<3>mdp_ppp: could not retrieve image from memory

Please help me if anyone are aware of this isse.

Thanks in Advance
-Naveen Rapaka


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