Real cost of Android Market: a case for third party

by Yuri Ammosov - Sadko Mobile » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 01:47:38 GMT

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 Google claimed that all they take from developers is 30% for carriers,
however real developer's cut is much less, depending on price. As of
today with new Google Checkout tariffs ( 
seller/fees.html), here is the gross transaction cost

For 0.99 app

0.99 paid by customers
0.30 to carrier
0.29 flat Checkout transaction fee
0.02 variable Checkout fee

0.38 to developer (39%)

For 1.99 app

1.99 paid by customers
0.60 to carrier
0.29 flat Checkout transaction fee

0.04 variable Checkout fee

1.06 to developer (53%)

Howe does this compare to Apple appStore and third party Android and
non Android stores?

PS. Third party distributors that are interested in promo placements
are welcome to contact me directly too.


Real cost of Android Market: a case for third party

by Yuri Ammosov - Sadko Mobile » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 01:47:46 GMT

 Google claims it does not keep any revenue share save for a 30%
carrier fee, however, with new Google Checkout fees (http:// the gross payback to developer
becomes very different, in particular for lowest-priced apps.

For 0.99 apps

0.99 price to customer
0.30 carrier fee
0.29 flat Checkout fee
0.02 2% variable Checkout fee
0.61 total fees
0.38 developer's revenue
39% payback ratio

For 1.99 apps

1.99 price to customer
0.60 carrier fee
0.29 flat Checkout fee
0.04 2% variable Checkout fee
0.93 total fees
1.06 developer's revenue
53% payback ratio

How does this compare to Apple AppStore and third party Android apps?
Are we in market or well below the market?

PS. Third party store owners interested in joint promo opps feel free
to contact me directly.

(this might be a duplicate)


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Real cost of Android Market: a case for third party

by snctln » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 02:21:45 GMT

 According to the mass email I received titled "Clarification on
Android Market transaction fees using Google Checkout" those new rates
(2% + $0.29) do not apply to android developers... the email has been
copy and pasted below


Earlier today we announced that Google Checkout's transaction
processing fees will be changing on May 5, 2009. Please note that
these changes do not apply to any Android Market transactions.
For applications that you sell through Android Market, the fees
remain unchanged.

For more information about Android Market transaction fees, please

For more information about the Checkout transaction fee changes,
please read our post on The Official Google Checkout Blog: 

The Google Checkout Team

On Mar 12, 6:17am, Yuri Ammosov - Sadko Mobile <>


Real cost of Android Market: a case for third party

by inder » Sat, 14 Mar 2009 02:12:08 GMT

 This is not correct.

Android transactions are not subjected to regular checkout fees. All
that Google takes is a 30% cut from the pre-tax price.

So, developer still gets 70%.


On Mar 12, 4:17am, Yuri Ammosov - Sadko Mobile <>


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