new version of app - is the user notified?

by Ivan Soto » Fri, 13 Mar 2009 05:47:31 GMT

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 You get notification like once a day of all the apps with upgrades.
you get a Market notification at the top.


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1. Need help for a proper way of using Listview paired with a background process

Hello Everyone,

    I have a problem in using ListView because I always receive an
IllegalStateException stating that the adapter was changed or updated
but the listview was not notified...I didnt have this error in 1.5
only during when i started testing using 1.6 platform..The program is
something like this...I have an activity that spawns another thread
under onResume wherein this thread will communicate with a web server
and gets some data...once the data is received the thread will send a
message using a Handler to notify that its time for the UI to refresh
coz the data container lets just say an arraylist was updated.  Just a
note that the thread will be running always until the activity is
closed...there is just a 5 second interval before the thread gets
another data from the webserver so in general the activity UI will
always be notified for an update every 5 seconds...

    I saw that there is already an issue stated in a different post in
the forum and people's reply is that this is not a bug and in fact
this is added to notify app developers that they or we are using it or
developing in a wrong my question is what is really the right
procedure for me to still get the desired output? I tried to look at
AsyncTask which people are saying that should be the right procedure
to do this kind of task but I didn't find it fit to my requirements or
maybe I just missed out something.

   Hoping for your help.


dj brikz


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Check the version of apk file. if having same version then it will notify it
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