change framework assets with alternate home screen

by Andy Droid » Thu, 10 Sep 2009 06:57:09 GMT

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 Could an alternate home screen app replace the assets such as s
"menu_item_background_pressed.9.png" or
"list_selector_background_focus.9.png", both found in  frameworks/base/
core/res/res/drawable in the open source project?  I have altered
those by changing out the assets and recompiling.

But can I make it so the installation of the home screen will open up
framework-res.apk, replace the asset, then re-package framework-
res.apk?  I realize this would then have broad ramifications, but just
wondering if it could be done.  thanks.

Also wondering if a alt home screen app, can replace icons of core
apps, such as Contacts, etc. thanks


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