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by Thomas(werk) » Thu, 14 May 2009 01:24:52 GMT

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Is it possible to push the e-mail i get within my google app email
I don't hope to make a new gmail address when i want to use

Best regards, Thomas


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I have one version of my app downloaded from the market and in use,
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Aloha, I am a professor of Hawaiian Studies at U of Hawai'i at Hilo,
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the Google In Your Languages program) to get support for Hawaiian and
other Polynesian languages into various technologies.

A number of people have contacted me and asked me to look into
character support for Polynesian languages on Android. I don't have an
Android phone yet, but I have been told that some characters are
currently found there. Our language requires the macron over all
vowels, upper and lower case


as well as the glottal stop. We use U+02BB but there are similar

Is there anyone here who has the ability (and authority?) to help us
get this kind of support into Android? I have been told that the
diacritic support on Android is similar to the iPhone - holding your
finger over a vowel will show a pop-up list of vowel-diacritics. It
would be a big help for us if the other macron-vowel characters were
available in this way. We don't want a special keyboard or app to do
this - we're really hoping for OS-level support.

I'd very much appreciate hearing from anyone that may be able to help
us with our efforts to keep our language alive and usable in
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