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by Justin Allen Jaynes » Fri, 06 Mar 2009 06:03:41 GMT

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1. Communicating from Android Service to an Activity

Correct. In this case, the WeatherPlus activity is already running.

Sure you can, though the sendBroadcast() model is probably not the right
one to use.

Have the activity bind to the service using the local binding pattern
and have it register a callback/listener object with the service once bound.

When the "devise status changed", the service looks to see if it has a
listener from an activity.

-- If yes, it calls a method on that listener to tell the activity to
display the dialog or whatever.

-- If no, the service starts the activity with an extra indicating "hey,
please go ahead and pop up that dialog, please"

Bear in mind that popping up an activity from a service is a very bad
practice except in unusual circumstances (alarm clock, incoming phone
call). If the user is in the middle of doing something else, and you
interrupt them forcibly, and they do not think your interruption is
warranted, they will get...cranky. :-)

Mark Murphy (a Commons Guy) | |

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2. Always retrieve incomplete result from database

Hi all,

currently develop an application and when I catch data from database,
the record always incomplete.
I am curios whether this is because I use distinct, but when removed
distinct, the incomplete result also come too.
For the example I query to get all dates using rawQuery:

public Cursor getAllDates(String selectedMonth, String selectedYear){

                String WHERE_MONTH_YEAR = "t_month = '"+selectedMonth+"' and
t_year='" + selectedYear+"'";
                return mDb.rawQuery("select t_date from finance where
t_month='"+selectedMonth+"' and t_year = '"+selectedYear+"'", null);


the call method for the example: getAllDates("June", "2010");

when the query execute using command line with query:" select t_date
from finance where t_month='June' and t_year='2010';

the result should be:

but in the emulator I get only 8.

Anybody ever got issue like this? This is because of what? Somebody
please help me, thanks a lot.


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